Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Kovah's Toddler Room

This is a blog post I've wanted to write since I found out I was pregnant. I'm SO excited to finally show you the vision I've had for 3 years!

All items marked with a * were gifted products as part of a collaboration.

Since we didn't have our own place when Kovah arrived I didn't get chance to experience the exciting planning of a nursery and nesting etc. BUT better late than never right?

I was totally that mother that said, my girl won't be girly and wear look at me! It took forever for me to settle on a colour I really loved because obviously there was going to be a lot of this colour. I actually took my very first sling into B&Q to get them to colour match it. That's when I found Petal Grove by Valspar. It's honestly the prettiest pink ever. We used FrogTape on the walls to get the line and no paint peeled off so I highly recommend that too if you're taking this approach.

I wanted to create a fun yet calm and natural room for Kovah and was delighted when The Great Little Trading Company said they'd like to work with me on this little project. I knew I needed a new toy box for her room because boy oh boy has she got a collection of stuffies. I chose the Townhouse Storage Toy Box* for behind her door and I adore it. Such a sweet little house design with sections on the top for books or other toys to sit in. She also has a LOT of books so this solved all our excess storage problems but it's still easy for her to access anything she wants. The drawer in the toy box is on wheels too which makes it so easy for her to pull it out. Such a great storage solution for any child's room!

I knew I wanted a feature bookcase in her room where, as she grows, we can display the important things and heirlooms that she collects. The Compass Bookcase* was everything I had imagined for her room. It blends the pink and white walls together beautifully and allows us that extra bit of storage too with the Rope Storage Baskets* on the bottom shelf. We use one for extra blankets and one for clean bedding. It's definitely one of my favourite features to her room. I love how these pieces, both the toy box and the bookcase are both timeless pieces that can stay in her room for years to come. They'll grow with her and her style, that makes them so special.

The wooden dolls house was an absolute bargain, facebook marketplace again and at only £10! always check it is my tip!

The chest of drawers were a total steal, I snagged them on facebook marketplace for £10 in a dark blue/green. I painted them up and added pretty knobs and voila, a little dresser for Kovah. I love this little space, for pretty things to hang and where we keep her mouse house that she just adores. The dollhouse is from Olliella and you can shop it here. The personalised print* is from Wildlings Interiors.  The lollipop camera* is also a god send! The amount of times I zoom in on her while she's in know to make sure she's breathing, because I'm a paranoid mama!

If you've followed me for a while you'd know this little corner was still a reading corner before but I wanted to de-clutter. So thanks to our handy toy box with book storage all the books that were piled up are now neatly stored away. Kovah loves her cosy teepee corner, she'll get her book and sit in there and read to her toys. You can shop the teepee* here.  I picked up this bear face washing basket from TK.MAXX which is great for extra storage or laundry. They usually have a great range of basket in there too just for a heads up.

Now to my favourite corner of her room, the corner I've always had in my head. Her little princess bed cosy corner. I wanted a bed she can play on but also calming enough for her to get a good nights sleep. (FYI she still doesn't sleep through) Her bed is the Ikea Minnen bed and its extendable! GAME CHANGER! I't extends to the size of single bed and the mattress has little mini mattresses you add on as the bed grows! I ADORE it! It's also currently on sale! Her bedding set is also Ikea and only £10!

Her absolutely beautiful bed canopy is the Liewood Enzo Canopy* I went with cream to blend the white and pink wall together in the corner and I love that it's so light and airy. Not to mention how soft it is. I added on a pom pom garland* from Bramble & Grace to hang down like a mobile and found the gold moon and stars garland from H&M home! Her room has taken a little bit of a moon theme but they're so pretty! 

When we went to Cornwall I went to my favourite toy shop in St.Ives and they had this gorgeous moon with hanging stars. I went back 3 times and just had to get it for her room and I'm SO glad I did. It's from Picca Loulou an you can grab it here.
Kovah's beautiful "Moon Child" sign*, that hangs next to her moon,is from the very talented Hey Kiddo Studio. I've had this for a little while and am even more in love with it now it's on the wall. 

The bunting on the ceiling is from Numero 74 in white. This was the top recommendation from you on my instagram and you guys came through! The little gold bells on the tip is just magical! I got mine from Molly and Meg.

I also got rid of her bedside table that was originally mine where we lived before. I replaced it with THE prettiest trunks! Stacking trunks* are something I've loved from afar for a while and the white ones are just perfect. Such a great height for next to her bed and amazing for subtle extra storage. Toys in one and bedding in another. These are from the lovely Beautify and another element of her room that will never outgrow her age. 

Her rug was previously gifted from Celtic & Co and her wooden hooks are from H&M home along with her rainbow cushion.

Her room is just as I've always imagined if not better, fully of her favourite treasures and toys. I'm sure things will be added though as it's nearly Christmas and her birthday! So let me know your thoughts on it...


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