Monday, 6 May 2019

No Playroom, No Problem (with The Great Little Trading Company)

Being a parent is chaotic enough without having your once, perfectly organised and clean living space, constantly covered in toys and become all about play instead of a space to breathe and relax in. In an ideal world one would have a play room where all toys can be played with and throw around until their little hearts content. But this isn't the case for us and our living room is where we play and relax in the evening. BUT we have found a solution...

Thankfully we came across The Great Little Trading Company and their campaign: No Playroom, No Problem. With their beautiful but also clever toy storage solutions they offer a range of options for living areas that will keep the space tidy but also still looking like an adult space to enjoy when littles are in bed. 

As this is our very first house it's taken so long to be able to furnish our living space as we'd like so having no where to put Kovah's toys has been an eye sore to say the least. Toy storage is also an issue when it comes to keeping the space still enjoyable to look at and have that "grown up" feel still. So when The Great Little Trading Company got in touch to help us out, I was so excited to work with a company I've loved since Kovah was tiny.

A Cosy Nook

I always had a little vision of having a window seat in our home and using their Classic Toy Box and the gorgeous Poppins cushion we created a window seat that is also a gorgeous storage solution! Kovah reads on it, plays on it and opens it easily to access her toys kept in there. It's created such a cosy corner. I adore this little nook and Kovah loves sitting on it to read stories in the sunshine, a great idea to keep a corner just for her in the family room. I think this maybe my favourite part of our living room now.

The Perfect Corner

On the opposite wall we had an unused space behind the door that we realised would be perfect to set up the Rackham Storage Set there. Being a little book worm, we need lots of book storage which the book shelf was perfect for. This little corner keeps her books organised, her favourite wooden toys in the little toy box which has easy access for her and soft toys and blankets in the baskets underneath. The baskets add that beautiful pop of natural tone to the stack and when I travel home I fill up a basket of a few books and toys and just pop that in the car. They are also great to move around the house when storage is needed in other rooms.

Keeping That Grown Up Feel
The great thing about this company is that their range of toy storage is so vast that there is always something that will blend into your home as if it was always there. I chose the pieces I did knowing they'll blend perfectly with our colour choices and still look grown up enough when they are all packed away in the evening. For me living with the furniture has been a wonderful knowing everything has it's home, while also being loved on by my daughter who can easily uses these storage solutions on her own. If I could I would buy furniture for the whole house from The Great Little Trading Company, knowing they really have thought of storage ideas for every room.

Huge thank you to The Great Little Trading Company for gifting us these products.


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