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Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner but if you're living the mum life and haven't had chance to shop yet here is some ideas for your baby/toddler and some stocking fillers...

The BIG one -

The Micro Mini 3 in 1 scooter from Beyond The Stork is one of Kovah's main presents this year. Designed for littles aged 12 months - 5 years this scooter grows with your child, which is such a big selling point for us. No one wants to keep buying big toys every year so Kovah is set for a few years with this beauty. Kovah is a very cautious child so she'll probably be using the seat until she gets used to scooting herself along but I think her confidence will build fast with the support from this model. 

I was also so surprised to learn this isn't a scooter like the ones that were around when i was younger, the handles don't turn to steer, it's all in the leaning of child's body. so lean to one side and it'll turn. The O shaped bar is also a fabulous feature to encourage your child to hold on and steer with better control. I CANNOT WAIT for her to open this! 
(i'd be lying if i said i didn't give it test drive around the living room while she slept.)

Here's the link to this beaut, click here!

First Dolls house -

This is Kovah's other main present that I'm so excited for her to open. I love minimalist toys but with this little house I'm going to decorate the inside for her and make the rooms different to add a little colour. I love the size of this, it's small enough for her to carry around, thanks to the white leather handles on the top, but big enough for her to put little things in. She's very into putting things in and out of objects at the moment so I thought this would be so perfect and as she gets older we can add things inside it that are age appropriate. I'm dying to make teeny tiny bunting for it but i know she'll just pull it off. For the little occupants check out Maileg Mice! 

This is currently sold out but here is where I ordered from so make sure you check back in to see when its back in stock!

From Santa -
As Father Christmas is soo busy and he has to get to every single child in the world in just 1 night, he only has time to deliver one toy to every single (as backed up in most christmas films) so this year Santa is delivering Kovah her first Tractor. This pairs nicely with her farm themed track she's getting from her Nanny and Grandad. Such a good quality, sturdy toy. And yes we are going foe the Buy Wood Buy Once rule for christmas instead of buying all plastic.

Shop her Tractor here. 

Something to wear -
Because christmas bows are everything and Kovah has to wear them otherwise she can't see through her hair haha! But my favourite bows are always from Wild And Blissful. I would add in a photo of her christmas pjs but they haven't arrived yet.

Also how can I not mention Sheepers slippers? You've probably seen this on Kovah already but they are a great little gift to keep your babies toes cosy through winter...and you can match!

Puzzles - 

Kovah's extended family have bought her a few puzzles this year because she loves them. She's very into putting things in and out of places at the moment so puzzles are right on the mark. I love this one that helps her with her animals, she can play with the blocks and use it as a puzzle. SUPER cute.

Shop this puzzle 

Bedding -
If you're struggling to think of something practical or helpful to buy from our kiddies or as a gift for someone else's, the bedding from Bloomsbury Mill is gorgeous and lovely and soft. Along with their swaddles and muslins we are loving their stuff. 

Stocking filler ideas 

Wooden Doll Family -
Perfect little wooden dolls for little hands. Perfect for her dolls house and to fit in her tractor. She's got the 2 children in her advent calendar and the 2 adults in her stocking. 

Shop them here 

Books - 
Believe it or not I did intend to be strict with myself and stick to the rule;
Something she wants,
Something she needs,
Something to wear,
And something to read.
But at the moment it's more like a rough outline. However I love getting Kovah books because she LOVES reading. We read her favourite books at least 5 times a day so I'm thankful we have new ones to put in the mix. (Also has anyone seen that ZOG is on TV for the first time this christmas? I LOVE IT)

I picked these up in WH Smith but I'm sure you can find them online.

Other Ideas 

These are some bits I've bought for Kovah throughout this year and some gifts she received for her first christmas that have held up with her age. She was 11 months old for her first christmas but being preemie she was a little delayed with her milestones so these would be great from babies through to toddlers. 

The stacking tower is a classic, I picked this up from Marks & Spencers last christmas and she still loves playing with it now.

Wooden Biscuits are a huge hit and I don't think she'll ever not love them. She "dips" them in her tea while I sip mine and even likes to drop them into my tea...she's nailed sharing. She feeds them to her dolly and her animals and it's the cutest thing ever.

Her favourite is still her wooden shape sorter tug boat from Jojomamanbebe she loooves it.

Also great ideas are the wooden push along duck (Jojomamanbebe), musical instruments (can be found on amazon), and a baby dolly (this one is my first baby annabel with clothes from instashops.)

I hope you've found our gift guide helpful, even writing this gets me so excited for christmas day! But now to wrap all of these and carry on the festivities with my nearly 2 year old *cries*


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