Saturday, 6 October 2018

Season Catch Up

Welcoming in a whole new season of the year has me reflecting on this intense summer we had. I thought I'd just recap and share some photos of our favourite place to go at the close of summertime.

Cuteness overload right? But visiting this sunflower field is something I want to share with her every single year. to document how she's grown over that year and to look back on all the years this place was ours. I feel so at peace here and some might argue I should go to new places, but why change what's already perfect? 

This field is pure happiness. Sunflowers are the happiest flower in my mind, they really are little suns and Kovah seemed to love them. It makes my heart jerk when I look back on the photos here from last year. She was so small and bald; it's crazy how time flies. 

We've had a crazy summer. We moved into our first house which was long and drawn out, we went on holiday for 2 weeks, we bought a new car, our girl started walking and talking...and now running! I've been dealing with some nasty headaches which have forced me to limit my screen time more than I wanted to. One of my new year resolutions was to blog more...which obviously hasn't happened. BUT I'm working on a video and hopefully that'll be on my Youtube channel very soon. 

Life has 100% escaped me this season and honestly I have no idea where it went. The last blog post I did was in APRIL!? Guys seriously what?! I've been working my butt off with my little shop (Willow and Fray) and I've been so wrapped up in the amazing feeling of creating pieces for people to treasure forever and it's taken up nearly ALL my free time. 

But anyway I don't enjoy the fact I've been a little MIA on here but it's now my favourite season of the year so there will be more blog posts on here with sweaters, boots, autumn leaves, cute Kovah outfits and more I can assure you. I have SO many ideas I want to do but there is never enough time to do them all, frustrating right? But I really want to try make more time for me through this season. Time to be me and not mama. I think that's super important in this crazy journey...but we'll see how that goes.

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