Sunday, 21 January 2018

Overnight Apple Oats for Mama & Baby

I thought I'd share a quick super yummy recipe with you for some apple and pear overnight oats, great for yourself or for your baby/toddler.

What you'll need:

Rolled Oats
Cloudy Apple Juice 
Maple Syrup
Greek Yoghurt

I used 300ml of cloudy apple juice and poured it into a bowl. Then roughly added 400g of rolled oats, I free poured mine until the apple juice looks full but with some juice left to be soaked up by the oats overnight. Then leave in the fridge for 12 hours

Morning - peel and core the pears you can either chop into chunks or grate. If giving to a baby/toddler I'd grate for easy eating. I grated half the pear then chopped slices for my bowl. (and one slice to keep Kovah quiet)

Then mixed in spoons of greek yoghurt to how you want your texture, the creamer, the more yoghurt. I used 2/3 table spoons in this portion. Top with a swirl of maple syrup and cinnamon, then heat the oats to make them nice and warm...then you're all done.

This was a perfect breakfast for a chilly morning which my daughter loved and I did too. (I heated mine for longer than hers as I like my oats pretty warm) You can add in raspberries grated apple if you wanted more fruit.

A super fast and tasty breakfast for you and your little family.

Enjoy x

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