Monday, 23 October 2017

Summer Into Autumn

Summer is coming to an end and I'm ready to welcome in my favourite season with snuggly jumpers but I do like to keep an element of warm weather in my outfits for as long as I can. Queue the perfect Summer to Autumn sandals.

Squeezing as much out of summer as I can and I've found the perfect sandals to skip into Autumn with. They are gorgeous for the end of summer and comfy for those evening golden hour strolls. I love the temperatures when we break into Autumn, when its fresh, crisp air so you need a jumper but warm enough that your feet don't freeze. It's my favourite time of year in the UK. Not to mention the gorgeous colours of the leaves changing and creating the prettiest woodland walks.

Both pairs of sandals I'm loving on are from Oak and Hyde and you've probably already seen sneak peaks on my instagram stories and posts. The first pair are called Savannah in Mocha, this pair come in a great range of colours but for me, I'm a brown shoe lover all the way. I love this pair because it still goes between the toes like a flip flop which for me is all I really wear in summer when I'm on the beach or just out and about. I find them so comfortable and relaxed. The dark brown goes with everything, dresses, blue/white/black jeans, leggings I've worn them with everything and they are just love! 

The second pair are Malaga in tan and these are super cute with their studded detail on the sides. I found this pair a bit more like sliders as they still flop up and down but was honestly surprised I was comfortable in them because I have narrow feet so I actually tend to avoid this style of sandal. Not to mention my mother never let me wear this style when I was younger because of my skinny feet, she was right I'd trip over them most of the time. This pair have great grip for those autumn walks so no slipping and falling in those muddy puddles you're trying so hard to avoid.

These sandals will definitely get their wear out of them this Autumn and especially paired with my favourite everyday maxi dress, they make great comfort outfits. 

Outfit trick: Being 5'4 this dress was in fact too long so I've knotted the bottom to make it look more boho but also it's a great way to lift those dresses/skirts to be the right length for others of you out there that are a little shorter! 

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