Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Sunshine Fields

Today is FiveFootFour's THIRD birthday! I can't believe how crazy and fast these years have gone and if someone had told me where I'd be now when I started I would NEVER have believed you (and it's exactly a week till my birthday...ahhh) I wanted to share a super pretty post with you today to celebrate...

If it's one thing I can't keep away from it's a field full of gorgeous yellow flowers. This time of year is so vibrant; blossoms, wild flowers, bluebells and rape seed flowers making fields and fields full of sunshine. So naturally I couldn't resist shooting this boho style outfit in the golden flowers.

Nothing I love more right now than lace and crochet...together, heaven. This little dress is so sweet with lace and floral details on the front and comes with a thin braided belt, who doesn't love it when you get a belt free? 

This crochet cardigan is a massive go-to piece for me right now and if I could wear it everyday I totally would. I love it's wooden beaded tassels round the front..they are great for those like me that like to fiddle. There's something so beautiful about flowing crochet in summer. I know you'll be seeing so much more of these piece across summer.

Paired with my favourite hat, that yes, I wear A LOT and my cute little heeled sandals I bought from Primark last summer, this all white and brown outfit is perfection for this glorious sunshine. I've linked all these items above but I have no clue if you can still get these sandals (they were £8!!!) so I've given you girls similar options.

I hope you love this outfit as much as I do, and I hope you all had an amazing bank holiday..well better than mine as I've been ill for the whole thing! 


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