Monday, 1 May 2017

My Wild Bird Love

Firstly I'm SUPER excited about this post and to be working this amazing brand. So many brands out there lack a strong behind them but Wild Bird is all about the Mamas and supporting each other, you get swept in the history of Taylor Gunn who created this wonderful product you feel part of the story yourself. I can honestly say because of this brand I have made friends in so many different countries because of their loving little support group.

It wasn't long after I found out I was pregnant that I was diagnosed with SPD which on my worst days rendered me immobile and I'd need to be lifted out of bed because I was in so much pain. It was when I was researching products to distract myself I came across MyWildBird. I was stunned with how many thousands of mums swore by this brand and some of the beautiful stories people wrote about how they are so grateful they own a Wild Bird sling. I fell in love and was so desperate to own one when my little bird arrived. So when I was approached by the amazing ladies that run it I was literally going to burst with excitement and touched that they had noticed me.

Upon the Spring/Summer '17 release this bird, Cassin caught my eye and I knew I needed her. Shes a nude pink with almost an earth undertone, a sort of mauve and I chose silver rings to pair with her as I wear so much silver jewellery. Searching for such products in the UK is near impossible. You either find cheap ones which aren't supportive or ones that cost but just aren't the right fit or material for both mama and baby to be comforted by. Cassin is a single linen sling and I can honestly say I can wear Kovah for nearly 3 hours at a time on our walks, in comfort. Once the linen is broken in it goes so buttery soft and you will hear that Wild Bird's come with "sleepy dust" this is 1000% true. My little baby bird falls asleep almost instantly once she's in and held tight to my chest.

As Kovah was a little preemie and I didn't see her for nearly 3 whole days I was really searching for things to keep her close and help our bond grow. I will never ever be able to get those days back of her life that I missed but holding her close in my Wild Bird honestly makes those memories less painful. It's a magic feeling when you look down and see your sweet bird fast asleep on you; safe, loved and comforted. 

For me a Wild Bird is the number 1 must have for all new Mamas. I love mine and yes, they are addictive I'm already itching for another. As well as single linen, MyWildBird do Double Linens for more support for bigger babes and toddlers, Single Chambray & Double Chambray and Bamboo. I'm desperate for a bamboo as they are just so incredibly soft but there are so many in the Chambray Collection that are so beautiful! For all you new Mama's Wild Bird is so much more than an investment, it's a support group, a way of making friends all over the world, an advice group but most of all the kindest, sweetest group of ladies I've ever known. You can join the WildBird ChitChat on facebook to see what I'm talking about.

But for now keep an eye out for the Wild Bird restocks and put it on all your lists for your baby registry, you can thank me when it arrives! *heart eyes*


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