Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Distressed Love

Hey my loves, so yes I have taken a bit of a break from my fashion stuff lately to address some things I felt I had to around the subject of motherhood but I am so excited to slowly break back into my fashion posts.

Starting off with a trend that I'm a bit obsessed with, distressed clothing. I wouldn't say I have one certain style like most bloggers, as somedays I like to wear floral playsuits and the next I'll embrace my inner rock chic and this distressed trend has slipped its way into my wardrobe. 
My favourite piece at the moment is this distressed dress from Missguided. I'm aware that it's still winter so wearing this without tights is a little premature but luckily for me it was a pretty mild day. It's a gorgeous comfy fit, not too tight but just baggy enough so it hangs well and doesn't make me look like I'm hiding my baby belly anymore. I love the little rip details as if you know me you'll know I adore ripped jeans so this ticks all the boxes.

Another Missguided crush I love are my studded boots that I wasn't able to wear due to my swollen feet but I am rejoicing now I can wear them again. Paired with my leather jacket I have had for about 5 years now (you don't need loads of new stuff, sometimes some of our old favourites do the perfect job, I love this look. Comfy, relaxed, grunge look with my favourite opalite choker I can't wait for the days to get warmer so I can wear this outfit more. I also tried my over the knee platform boots with this dress and that will very much be another coupling made in heaven. 

I'm so glad I have dropped my baby weight so fast so I can start wearing clothes I'm comfortable in again that don't make me feel self conscious and I'm stoked that my first fashion post, post-baby is one I can wear with confidence.

Shop the dress here and embrace your inner rock style. 


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