Wednesday, 23 November 2016

BabyMel Changing Bag Review

The world of baby business is seriously just that...a whole new world. Trying to prepare for a baby when you have literally no idea seems way too impossible sometimes. Now nearly at 29 weeks I'm getting the first time mum paranoia about getting hospital bags and baby bags packed just incase she decides to show up early. Easier said than done though I might add.

The never ending world of changing bags was definitely drowning, especially if you want a classic style. So many changing bags are over the top with patterns and lean towards women more than men, but I didn't want to force a pink patterned bag on my other half when he takes her for a walk (however hilarious it might have been). 

Coming across BabyMel changing bags was an absolute relief. Stylish, simple and chic bags that are perfectly unisex, loads of storage space and suit our grey iCandy pram perfectly, they ticked all the boxes. I know I am going to overpack everything until I know exactly what I need so a large changing bag with loads of pockets was a must and the gorgeous Ally bag in tan was the obvious choice. 

It's a brand new arrival to BabyMel for their A/W16 collection. The water resistant and easy clean bag comes with a padded changing mat, perfect for on the go changes or when you're out visiting family and friends. There is also a built in insulated bottle compartment on the side which keeps baby's bottle upright and warm or cool for up to 4 hours, I have a feeling this will be a god send in itself! A built in long shoulder strap that transforms to stroller straps so you don't have the fuss of wrapping them around the push chair handle and getting in a tangle. With all the pockets for easy organising this will be super handy when on the go and your little one is screaming for that toy that will be neatly tucked inside instead of having to stop and rummage through a, what seems to be, bottomless bag of never ending mess.

As a first time mummy I know this bag is already going to suit our needs perfectly and hopefully will help me to be more organised along the way and without being over priced the Ally changing bag comes in at a very reasonable £60.00! It's a must have from me for your everyday bag for baby.

Shop all BabyMel's new arrivals here!

Monday, 7 November 2016

Autumn Green

It's getting chillier but still warm enough that you don't have to go crazy with your layers. An over sized jumper, leggings and a snug blazer from Sporting Hares is all I need while the leaves all. 

I've tried and tested this gorgeous Beauchamp Blazer and it keeps out those wintery winds wonderfully. I love a blazer this time of year instead of a coat, keeps your outfit a little lighter and always looks gorgeous with a heavy knitted scarf and hat when the icy winter finally comes around. 

I'm wearing the Paddock Green blazer but there is a stunning range of colours for all year round that will fill your blazer gap in your wardrobe. With it's snug tailored fit the details add the experience of wearing this jacket. The Beauchamp blazer is a wool-blend with a taffeta-silk lining, velvet under collar for that snap of colour and wooden buttons. I honestly can't wait till I can wear this without a baby bump underneath so I can reap the full benefits of a perfectly tailored jacket again.

If you're looking for a winter blazer this christmas look no further and make sure you put this on your christmas list! Shop the full colour range here and start dropping the hints! 

Other Outfit details:
Jumper - H&M
Leggings - H&M
Boots - Fairfax & Favor
Scarf - Topshop
Earrings - DuttsonRocks
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