Saturday, 29 October 2016

Skulls in Space

It's Halloween weekend, a weekend you get to dress up and be as creative as you can/can be bothered to be. But what outfit is complete without the perfect accessories?

For all your halloween needs and inspiration I'm talking all about these beautiful silver skull hoop earrings by Naomi Crook. I will be wearing these probably forever with basically every outfit because I just love them so much. Quirky and stand out jewellery is always so much more inspiring than pretty sweet, pieces that anyone can wear. Naomi Crook Jewellery ticks every box for unique jewels whilst keeping it beautiful and original!

Obviously I'm not going out this weekend but receiving these gorgeous hoops inspired me to do a halloween look to go with them. I chose an easy space make up look using Illamasqua eye shadow, white paint, Naked 3 palette, Stila eye liner and Benefit Rollarlash mascara. Keeping it dark purples and deep reds makes the look blend together like far away galaxies. I loved creating this look and it was super fast to do. Blending colours together to make a milky way look and adding in a bit of black eye shadow for depth from the Naked palette, then adding shimmer with Naked 3 and on my lips. Adding detail with white stars with body paint and a thick liner wing to create a good eye emphasis. And of course glitter brows...because why not, it's halloween? 

I loved this look with the earrings adding that little bit of glamour and keeping to the halloween them. The perfect earrings for this weekend, but also for everyday of the year for those who love some good quality skull jewellery. Naomi makes all her pieces by hand at her home and creates pieces inspired by japanese style. For those that love the unique jewellers she is totally for you! 

You can contact her through her Facebook page or her Instagram as her website is currently under construction! So excited to wear these in more outfit posts and show off their versatility! 


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  1. You are such a beautiful thing! I like the tiny detail of the skull. It's totally the cherry on top.


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