Wednesday, 7 September 2016

My Pregnancy Story

As you've probably noticed and some of you have even very thoughtfully directly contacted me to see how I am, I have been very absent from my blog for the last couple of months. Life has been beyond crazy and it's given me a surprise that totally stopped me in my tracks. 

Blessings come when you least expect them and this little bundle is exactly that...which is due in February 2017 by the way! That's right I'm currently making a little mini me and I'm 18 weeks so very nearly half way through already! Ahhh! 

What's made the whole thing crazier is that I had no idea. Obviously we flew out to Rhodes for my birthday...the whole time unknowingly carrying extra luggage. Even when we came back it took another 4 weeks till we found it, purely because I thought I had caught a bug in Rhodes and it was belated symptoms making me so ill. But no it was the little bambino deciding I needed to know about him/her and wanted to tell me by making me super ill for a good 2 months.

So when you hear about people not knowing they are can actually happen. I didn't know till I was about 11 weeks. Basically smashed the first trimester without I'm making up for it with constant sickness, headaches and heartburn.

I can honestly tell you that this is completely the opposite direction of where I thought I'd be this year, but this is another level of exciting. I know some of you will be sat reading this and judging me ("OMG I can't believe she's pregnant WTH") but this journey has not been an easy one and you really can't judge unless you have been in this situation. In the beginning I was terrified, "how am I pregnant?" "This can't be happening to me!" "I wanted to have my own house and be married and settled when I have babies"...but sometimes life knows you better than you know yourself. Life gives you what you can handle...and I am a strong person so I know I can do this. If life believes I can do it, then so do I. Just have to have faith in these things.

Another crazy factor to this story is how I actually got no don't worry I'm doing going to into the details of "that" but I'm talking about how it was possible. I have been on the pill for years and it's been pretty reliable...until now. Until I made the mistake of wanting to drop a few pounds before holidays...yes this is all thanks to a very very well known Teatox. That's right ladies...if you don't want a surprise baba then don't buy them. Not saying I regret it as I've made this adorable little munchkin that's kicking away inside as I'm typing but it was not at all planned thats for sure. As the teatox flushes you out it flushes out your pill at the same seems obvious now but at the same when you've been on it for years you just think you've taken it so you're safe. WRONG! Let's just leave that warning there shall we. 

But anyway onto the more exciting bits. On a very rare afternoon of feeling 20% ok and after applying a LOT of make up so I don't look like a zombie, I met up with my dear friend and photographer, Emma Griffin so she could take some photos for our baby announcement and just some nice ones we can keep forever. Literally a day before this I had no bump...then boom, the baby knew it was being photographed and wanted to be mother like baby ;)

Hopefully I'll keep feeling better and better and can start blogging properly again, now with a little bit of a mix between fashion and baby things but cheers to the next chapter of FiveFootFour...(+1) xxx



  1. Congratulations you beautiful thing! I can only imagine how heart stoppingly beautiful your guys' bambino will be. So proud and excited for one of my favourite bloggers! Enjoy this incredibly exciting and happy time, and take it easy with lots of bubble baths <3 xxxx

  2. Oh God this is probably the most cute post about pregnancy that i've ever read, i follow you since last year and i admire you, you are such an inspiration and i feel very happy for your baby mermaid on the way. Congrats. With love, Crisbel.


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