Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Off The Shoulder In Lindos

I have so many amazing adventures to share with you from the beautiful Island of Rhodes. Everyone seems to going to Greece this year and I totally understand why, blue skies, blue sea, incredible sunshine and some of the most beautiful little towns I've ever seen.

Lindos near the bottom of Rhodes Island, despite the 45 minute drive I loved it so much I went there 4 times. Just couldn't get enough of the white maze that was the town centre, the bellowing pink bushes that draped over balconies and the gorgeous beach. 

As walking up the towns steep alleys it gets so warm adventuring so I prepared with this super cute Adriana playsuit from Misspap. Being so warm all the time and in the sun wearing something heavy wasn't an option. This playsuit however is super light and floaty allowing the breeze in and the off the shoulder design is fantastic for keeping cool. Not to mention it's so comfy. Driving for nearly an hour in this made the holiday feel like a total movie moment. Windy in your hair, cute floaty outfit, sunglasses on and music up. The lace detailed around the sleeves and the top add a lovely boho feel to it which I love...hopefully the UK will get some sun soon so I can actually wear this again.

I paired this playsuit with a wonderfully fitting clutch from Meyno. A gorgeous brand with a goal of creating fashion inspired by the African Soul. They have so many bright colours, and patterns they were totally unique with their designs. I chose the eye popping Magatte Clutch which fitted perfectly into her Greek surrounding with her pattern and colours. I used this clutch so much in Rhodes for nights out, meals and just walking around towns. A pop of colour is exactly what this outfit needed. 

Accompanied by my Primark Gladiator sandals which were so comfy...this genuinely surprised me. I thought they'd rub or hurt after hours of wondering around but they were comfortable and looked amazing. Seriously love these shoes and they will be out all summer long no matter what. And for only £14 who can argue with that! Bargain! 


  1. Your style is so amazing!

  2. Ooh I LOVE that playsuit :) so pretty. The whole outfit suits you so well!



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