Monday, 27 June 2016

Be Present

Lately I've been realising just how easy it is to lose yourself amongst the hustle and bustle of life. How easy it is to let your mind drift off the calm and collected path you've taken so long to build. I feel a bit like i've drifted off this path lately with everything that's been going on in my life.

Moving across the country to Hertfordshire, getting a new job, leaving the place I will always call home, my sanctuary by the sea as it were. I know it's important to embrace change no matter how scary, but I don't think I've let myself process it in fear I'll get too scared by it all. 

It made me think about what I used to get so much out of...writing to help others. I'm well aware that sometimes we need a helping hand to get us through or someone to talk to but not all of us have that trusted person in our life we can go to, to help us out. We worry about being judged, about giving too much away, about our closest friends looking at us differently if we fully unload our darkest thoughts and problems onto them. So we often bottle it up, hold it inside and think we can deal with it on or own. It's not always the best way of dealing with our problems. So I'm writing this post for you. For those of you that need that friendly ear, a friend to unload onto, for those who need a new outlook on life or something to inspire them to remember the good things in everyday. 

Life can get overwhelming a lot of the time. But when you feel like you're sinking and getting swallowed up by life and you can't keep afloat, try and remind yourself to be present; this helps me on a daily basis. 

Remember where you are, hear what's around you, be grateful for who you have in your life right now, smile about what's going right...there is ALWAYS something you can smile about. 

If yesterday's worries start to seep back into your mind, take a breath, imagine you're breathing out your worries and breathing in positive thoughts. Think of something that makes you happy, think of what you can do today that will be good for you, something that will make you smile. Think of something that will contribute towards today being a good day. It could be as simple as getting your lunch from your favourite place. Remember YOU are in charge of your happiness, you make your attitude towards your day. 

Yes some days will be harder than others, but the process is the same. Breath, let it go and let the positive thoughts flow. 

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