Saturday, 2 April 2016

Golden Shave

Winter is over which means one thing...time to shave off that winter coat on your legs ;) 

Introducing my new BFF of the shaving world. Personally I'm not really into waxing (basically i'm a wimp but it hurts too much) so razors are what keeps me smooth and silky. But it's pretty annoying when you have to keep buying new ones and try to find one that really keeps your legs smooth for more than a few days.

This is where Friction Free Shaving has filled that void. Not only are the heads much better quality than standard ones I use but it has way more blades to keep the shave super close. Obviously it's also super pretty in gold but comes in loads of other colours, they will also deliver new heads for your razor each month! No more awkward razor shopping in front of your boyfriend!

It is super important not to over use your razor heads as you damaging your skin and the heads build up bacteria. No one likesGetting your heads delivered every month helps you remember to change your heads and also saves you money. Instead of buying new razors you can just change the top and keep the pretty razor on the side in your bathroom. 

TIP: Use coconut oil on your legs for super smooth shaving and great to keep your legs hydrated without irritation! 

I'm using Samantha, a 5 blade head razor which you can shop here!


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