Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Basically it's super early in the UK but I literally can't cope with finding out who A is so I have taken to blogging about it before I try and sleep again. 

Here are things I need to vent about...

1. It's been years of waiting! Speculating, theories, tense moments, shockers but it's over! We know!!! Cece is A!!! The hashtag is #faCEtofaCE...CECE is literally right before our eyeballs! That's not really a rant just something that I massively enjoyed seeing. HOW is CeCe A? Turns out CeCe is Charles...yeah that's right. Charles transitioned into Charlotte...who then became CeCe Drake. *insert shocked emoji face here*

2. Remember that ep. when it flashed back to Ali being little and finding 2 dresses in the piano? That has bothered me for ages because Charles was (until tonight) a boy so that didn't make any sense. Until now that we know Mrs. D was clothing Charles in the same clothes at Ali!

3. I'm a liiiiiittle disappointed that PLL fans came up with a way better theory than CeCe being A. Sure it was deep, emotional, tears did fall but still...Wren would have been an insane reveal and Spencer would have totally broken down if she found out she had been with A. Weird but SO juicy. Cece was always in the background and a bit of a bitch so now it's out; it's not that shocking at all really.

4. Sara is red coat and black widow! Now this was a shock. She played innocent so well...then again so did Emily until she punched Sara in the face! GO EMILY! But seriously this was a shock, even thought she was never trusted. This just wasn't what I thought Sara was.

5. WHY didn't we see the mothers get out of the basement? Are they still there in 5 years time? Who found them? How did they escape? WHAT?!

6. Who killed Mrs. D? Seriously...

7. So yeah we know who A is, FINALLY, but what the hells the end about? "He" is coming after Ali? WHO THE HELL IS "HE"? Did Cece return to being Charles? Just when you thought you couldn't absorb anymore information into that exploding brain, that happens! 

So yet again I am waiting for PLL to start up again for more of my questions to be answered but at least Ali got married right? That means her wedding had no dramas or murders or kidnappings, go her!



  1. OHMYGOSH who killed mrs d I am dying to know!!!!
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  2. Haha Crystal, I feel your pain! I thought more questions could have been answered and yeah it was an emotional tale but other than Ali, I don't understand why the rest of them forgave CeCe for ruining their entire teenage years! As for who killed Mrs D.. maybe the dad did it? Maybe he found out and he killed her? Who knows! It could have been Bethany as she tried once but then they probably would have revealed that in the story. I don't think it needs a follow on season, although I guess they had to do another season because there were too many questions to answer in that one last episode! I don't know! Rant on rant over.



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