Friday, 19 June 2015

From Brown To Better

A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of a meltdown as I was going to model for a new hair salon opening up down here and for which I had to have my hair cut and coloured to show off the skills of the new salon. Unfortunately it didn't go to plan and I ended up with very dark hair...which for me was basically horrific. I love being a red head and for me to suddenly have brown hair was NOT at all ok. Having red hair is like my signature so I was pretty annoyed to have it all ruined.

Thankfully my lovely hairdresser Jo Innis from GoldBirdHairDesign could fit me in and I thought I would document the process from going dark to light for you! It was a pretty exciting day purely because I love seeing hair transformations. As you can see it's SO much nicer now and a lot brighter than I even was before the brown happened. 

We had to first give my hair a bleach bath, which scared me as I didn't want all my hair to fall out, but it was amazing and lifted my hair so much there was no more brown. The we applied the new red and gave it a super good condition. The best thing about GoldBirdHairDesign is her magic hands when you have the treatment put on she gives you the best head massage, it's just insane! And as you can see I left feeling so much better and even managed to fit in some quick photos for Holly Young Headwear

So anyone down in cornwall wants an amazing hair dresser I couldn't recommend Joanne Innis more and she's just an overall a very sweet person. HUGE THANKYOU!


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  1. oh it is beautiful honey! You look so gorgeous! Red is your colour lovely xx


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