Thursday, 7 May 2015


So I'm seriously trying not to have a mental breakdown a the moment. In little over a week I will have handed in my final projects for my degree and finished uni. This hand in is so stressful, but in (for the first time ever) a rewarding way. My tutors are FINALLY starting to recognise me for my social media and fashion work and taking me seriously for it. This has been a very long and frustrating road but I'm getting so excited to finish now. 

This is why I've been pretty non existent on here lately but soon I'll be back to normal after all this work gets handed in. I was a bit naughty and filmed a London Haul Vlog over the bank holiday, I justify it as taking a break from uni work so it's ok. A few of you asked for it so here it is! 

Watch it now, like and please SUBSCRIBE! 

Enjoy and thanks for all your support and love! x

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  1. You are so pretty omg!!! Will tots visit your channel <333

    check out my blog! xoxo


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