Monday, 6 April 2015

Swimsuit Sweetie


Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I have come home back up north to help my family move house and it's been pretty full on. Not the best weekend for moving I have to say. Back down to Cornwall tomorrow though with some super exciting new features on some products for you all.

As the sun is shining and it finally feels like summer is on it's way I thought today was a perfect time to release the feature on my adorable swimsuit from Velvette Paris. They produce the most beautiful lingerie and and swimwear which I can't get enough of and this one piece is a prime example of how cute their designs are. I have never been into one pieces really but this one has totally swayed me into them. Now that is all I want to stock up on for summer. 

Simple yet adorable and I cannot recommend this lovely company enough. I'm wearing a small and it fits perfectly so I would say their sizes are pretty bang on (this is something we all freak out about I think when buying online) But their lingerie is the sweetest I've seen for ages, with delicate designs and beautiful colours, definitely the place to get your little numbers to make you feel gorgeous. 

I styled my swimsuit with a kaftan for even more colour and Nude Heels form BillieXShoes for a higher fashion look. The one piece fits perfectly in either casual or higher fashion category so it's definitely the one to start off your collection with.

Thankyou to the talented Holly Kenyon for the lovely photos.


  1. lovely post and after seeing this,i now think i may buy a one piece myself! I am in such an emotional mood at the moment so i just want to say that some people in life deserve massive success and recognition and for me,you are one of these people! You have everything going for you honey and i sincerely hope that every one of your dreams come true for you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend lovely and inspirational young lady xoxo

  2. Great shoot! I love the photos and the swimsuits.
    So lovely <3

    Swimsuits Direct


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