Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Early Summer

Apologies for raving about this shoot so much and not having it up before today. The internet in my flat is currently horrific and it takes literally days to upload things at the moment...a bloggers worst nightmare. But yay, today I can publish it! 

I wanted to do a shoot like this for a while but worrying about what people would think and how I'd look played on my mind so much. But when SouthBeach sent me this amazing bikini I thought how could I not show it off to everyone because it literally fits so well and I'm so over winter.

Of course being comfortable in bikinis is a big deal as it's basically underwear that's acceptable to wear in public in summer, so feeling good in one is literally the selling point. I can't recommend their swimwear enough, as it ticks all of these boxes.

Some of you may know that I have suffered with self confidence and anxiety which did make this shoot a big struggle and the whole time we were shooting I was concentrating so hard on not freaking out that I was in a bikini in front of a camera. And yes I do know that it doesn't make sense as I'm a model but usually when I shoot it's so much fun and the only time I forget all my problems and worries. It helps that the teams I have are so lovely and supportive they always put me at ease. I did this shoot to overcome my personal little hates about my body and the more I look at the more I like them, so I guess tackling your fears head on can work really well.

Having confidence in the way you look is a big problem at the moment and we all have things we want to change, places we don't like, angles we hate and flabby bits that we wish would go away. I don't want to preach and say you should love yourself as I'm not going to be a hypocrite but I do have things I like about myself too and when I'm in situations like this I focus on them and it makes it so much easier. I guess what I'm trying to say is no one is perfect and if there is a stereotype that models are arrogant and perfect (which someone actually asked me recently) I guess I wanted to show you guys that I'm pretty normal and have things I'm scared of too.

So basically I'm super nervous about posting this feature which is why I'm rambling but I hope this can help you guys overcome something you don't like about yourselves as well... or just get you excited for summer and being able to wear cute bikinis! SouthBeach have such an amazing range and their sizes are bang on so get in fast to get your summer swimwear!

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