Thursday, 26 February 2015

New Babies

The world is a little bit against me at the moment, just when I finish my dissertation and get back to being able to blog after a busy week all over the country, I then get flu. Been ages since I've been that poorly but thank you to those of you who have sent me some lovely get well soon messages. I reckon it's down to you that I've recovered so fast! YAY! Just in time to travel to London tomorrow.

I have such an exciting few days in london lined up and will be shooting in these babies as well as some other amazing pieces so what out for that. I wanted to introduce you them before I wear the hell out them this week, but I'm so in love! 

These beautiful suede over the knee booties are from GarageShoes, can't wait to model them!


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  1. Public desire have something similar, these just look fab! :) great purchase x


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