Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bridal Show CatWalk

As promised here are some of the images from Sundays Bridal Catwalk. I still can't believe how much fun it was even though my anxiety nearly crushed me. I have never done a catwalk before as I usually try to avoid them at all costs. The thought of being on stage in front of hundreds of people makes my tummy flip so you can imagine how scared and worried I was backstage that I was going to fall or faint or trip or embarrass myself in some way. But thankfully nothing went wrong and I managed to pull myself together and actually really enjoyed the whole thing. The dresses definitely helped with the confidence as I knew I could walk in them without falling over, and they make you feel so pretty. I guess that is the beauty of wedding dresses.

The first walk I did was in my Mooshki dress, which you have all seen man times already, but I just love it, beautiful lace detail and just so much fun to wear. This was more of a dance routine performance (hence my weird poses in these photos, I don't pose like that normally). 

The second walk was in my first Claire Pettibone dress, I can't fault any of the dresses I wore on the day but the Claire Pettibones' are so comfortable you hardly feel like you're wearing a wedding dress at all. The second Pettibone was my favourite purely because of the boho feel with the off shoulder frilly straps and the layering at the bottom that flows around you as you walk. All incredibly stunning dresses which I feel so honoured to model and I cannot wait to get another catwalk under my belt!

Big thankyou to Emma Griffin (Griffin Photography) for the photos, Sally Orchard and her team of make up artists for the flawless make up. Of course a massive thankyou to the designers for creating such amazing pieces, The Bridal House Of Cornwall for the organisation and picking me to model for them. And finally huge thankyou to the models who were the best and sweetest people I have worked with and for keeping me from fainting or freaking out too much and to everyone else involved! 


  1. I love these dresses! they are gorgeous and you look fab, I definitely couldn't do anything like this x

  2. aw this is so amazing Crystal! I think you are awesome and such a natural beautiful model! So proud to know you and to follow your career honey! And the thing is too,you have the personality to match! Thanks so much for being the amazing young lady that you are! xx

    1. Thankyou lovely!!! That means so much! You're so sweet! xxx


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