Wednesday, 7 January 2015

For The Love of Roll Necks

I have a large obsession with roll neck jumpers at the moment. Every since I bought my first one (pictured) and now I can't stop pinning them and looking at them in shops. I like to think of it as a healthy obsession as it isn't drugs or anything horrific, therefore it's ok and once I get enough I think I will be fine about the whole thing. Love wearing my roll necks with necklaces, some smaller like this opalite choker and some big statement necklaces. Perfect for everyday wear or going out they can dressed up to look fabulous.

Still have to find the perfect roll neck dress though, basically an oversized jumper that I can wear with my knee high boots. Cosy, comfy and warm. All the elements I care about in winter. Thankfully now I am back down south it isn't half as cold as it was up north at my family home. 

Anyway, I want to do lots more things involving all my lovely readers this year so I will be doing more requests for my youtube and chats on my facebook page ( which anyone can be involved in so if you have anything you want to suggest for my youtube channel or any help/advice you need just drop me a message. 

Jumper: Topshop
Choker: Skinniebelle
Skirt: Skinniebelle

Photos by: Griffin Photography

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  1. Gorgeous photography. I really wish I suited that kind of jumper. Lovely outfit x


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