Monday, 5 January 2015

First Selfies of 2015

A New Year full of firsts to be taken so I'm starting with my first selfies of the year. As you all know when you try take a good photo of yourself it usually takes a good couple of dozen until there is even one you like. The rest get deleted and one gets used. People think it's just since phones with cameras on the front that this has been happening but no, I used to take photos on my DSLR and go through the same process...think it's just a complex we all have now. 

It isn't very often my face had a day of working well with me so I decided to show my first 4 of the year. Since New Years Day I've basically stayed in my little flat getting to know it again and doing uni work so thankfully I haven't needed to put anything on my face. A good few days for my face to breath and be covered in masks and face scrubs to get it feeling baby fresh again. I also really love my new MAC lippy (that I'm wearing in these photos) which I will be sharing with you soon as I'm overly excited about it. 

So YAY for selfies and I hope your first Monday back at work/in education isn't that horrific.


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