Thursday, 11 December 2014

SkinnieBelle Asos Market Place

I'M ON ASOS AHHHH!!!!! (excitement controlled, I promise)

On Monday I was in London working with Skinniebelle for their ASOS marketplace. I can't express how amazing it was to work with a new team in London and meet some very talented new people. I loved my hair and make up, especially the side curls and my eye make up was just awesome, done by the lovely Lauren Palmer. The clothes are amazing, I really didn't want to take any of the outfits off, but with the whole range to shoot in it was a fast changing shoot which couldn't have gone better.

After writing a blog post for Skinniebelle featuring their Checked Out skirt and opalite choker, I was honoured to model the rest of the range for their ASOS shop. I can't do a shoot like this and not take some selfies for you all though, these were two of my favourite outfits. But the co ord is just stunning and so comfy, I'll be asking santa for that this year. 

Being a freelance model I get to meet some amazingly creative and talented people with hair and make up and of course the photographers. It's a constant learning experience and knowing I've helped someone and they are happy with what I've done is so rewarding. Today the ASOS market place went live and this is definitely the most exciting thing that's happened to me in my career so far. I just really hope it keeps growing and I am blessed enough to keep working with inspiring people, who share the same passion as I do.

I'm SO excited to link you to this and it's the perfect time to grab your christmas outfits, christmas day dresses or some christmas shopping for those who love clothes. 
I have also done an interview with the wonderful Skinniebelle which will be posted on their blog shortly, 

See the final images and shop here...YAY:


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