Sunday, 7 December 2014

Liberty Of London

After watching the programme on TV about Liberty I couldn't come to London at the most festive time of year and not make a visit. Unlike other stores similar to Liberty it has so much character to it. Walking through the old black and white building, the floor being uneven like it was hundreds of years ago, the old tiny stairs cases to climb up and through different levels of amazing themed shops. It is like being in a burrow. 

The details are simply beautiful, the carvings of the banisters, the Liberty coin decorations, even the fairy lights covering the ceiling at the top for the christmas shop. The more you walk the more little rooms you discover. I honestly didn't want to leave; and even got lost a few times. But it was lovely to experience somewhere with so much depth and warmth. Felt like you're in a christmassy home rather than a shop.

Being in London in December is definitely the best time of the year to visit, chilly fingers, christmas lights and mulled wine sold on the street...makes you really embrace the festive spirit. So there will be more posts from London coming soon! Even when I bumped into Santa, but if you're in London and haven't been to Liberty yet, go check it out, endless festive feelings in a beautiful historic shop.

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  1. I watched the programme too, it just looks such a beautiful shop, especially in these photos! I hope you're enjoying december so far :)
    Bethany x


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