Monday, 1 December 2014

Behind The Scenes - Gold Shoot

After 3 days of attempting to get this's finally worked. This is my second YouTube video and as someone requested on twitter that I vlog my shoot that I did on friday I tried my best. It's hard to model and vlog as there isn't much time on a shoot but you can see that from this video. As a lot of you have asked about my modelling, how I got into it, what I do etc I thought this was a great chance to let you in behind the scenes when I go out for shoots.

I had an amazing team for this, Olivia Whitbread-Roberts was my lovely photographer, Verity James was our super talented MUA ( and Andrea Williams did my amazing hair ( We were also allowed to use a giant G for the gold theme lent to us by Tiffany Tempest who has all the letters you need for lighting up events, beautiful and an incredible idea which you have to check out -

A little less chatting in this but I still manage to do weird things...I giggle a lot, a make an impression of a scottish cat and mention that I stood on a broom and it smacked me in the enjoy! Who says models have to be perfect all the time anyway? Remember to like, comment (nice things) and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!




  1. This is wonderful,i love the video,you are so lovely and such an amazing young lady! The outfit is so gorgeous and you are so much fun too! You are an exceptional talent Crystal and i hope all your dreams come true! xx

    1. Oh thankyou so much! You write the most lovely and wonderful comments! Such an angel! xx


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