Sunday, 23 November 2014

FiveFootFour Is On Youtube!!!

I thought about it, I spoke about it, I laughed about it...AND NOW I'VE DONE IT! 
My first ever YouTube video is now live and I'm so excited. It is pretty bad quality and I shot it all in one go (no editing) mainly because I thought I would let you guys see what I'm really like instead of reading what my thoughts are and just seeing images of me up here. For those who know how strange I am I promise this doesn't disappoint, I even laugh at myself. 

Thought I'd do a few facts about me to start off my channel to get you knowing me a little better but I will be posting about shopping hauls, outfits, modelling, make up and anything you guys ask me to (within reason of course). The next videos will be better quality and I will edit them, I promise they will get better! 

Hope you guys still like me after this, dear me...well here is the link, laugh, comment, like and please SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!


1 comment

  1. it is brilliant,really loved it and you are so sweet! i think the non editing of it makes it even better as it shows your fun personality! Cant wait for the next one lovely! x


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