Sunday, 26 October 2014

My Current Obsessions

As you all know Sunday is my favourite day of the week. And today is a day of inspiration and reflection on my week. Just thinking and clearing my mind I thought of all my favourite things at the moment and thought I'd share them with you all. We all have those little obsessions, little items that mean something to us and we cherish. No matter how many people in the world own the same item they all mean something different to each person.
Here are my current obsessions. Things I can't go a day without looking at or wearing. We all get attached to items that will forever carry a story or just mean a lot to us for some reason or another. 

It's always good to feel grateful for the things you have and the life you have. You can have everything in the world that you wanted, but if you are not thankful for what you have you can't live a full life. You can have a few little pieces that you look at and are so thankful for and your life will be all the more valuable. No only items but people, experiences, memories; stay thankful and stay humble. 

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Daniel Wellington Watch
Tiffany & Co Ring
Pandora Ring
Jack Wills Nail Varnish
Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream
Nude Diamond Necklace 


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  1. Love the watch, it's so funky :o

    Alice x


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