Friday, 31 October 2014



Here is my final halloween post from the countdown. This is the halloween shoot I did as a dark glam witch. Black is just the best colour for an occasion but its perfect for halloween given it's all about darkness and horror so I went with dark glitz and glam for the look on this shoot for Griffin Photography's halloween cover.

I absolutely loved this look and the make up was just incredible. There is no such thing as too much glitter and sparkle, so this theme ran right through the shoot. A statement sequin dress from TopShop showed off the amazing jewellery from GlitzySecrets. All made even more epic by the gold and black glitter eye make up. It does help the effect that my eyes were being an especially weird colour in this shoot that somehow matched my hair making it even more creepy. Not all halloween costumes have to be blood, gore and death, so I felt this shoot added a new slant on the holiday, a chance to be whatever you want.

Still getting used to having red hair after so many years being blonde but this shoot is definitely one of my favourites to date, it is also the perfect time to be really pale and proud. Any excuse to dress up and get covered in glitter. I hope you all have an amazing Halloween, whether you're off to a party, going out or going trick or treating. Stay safe and don't scare too many people!

Makeup: Lindsay Adams


  1. Love your eye makeup in this, it looks amazing!

  2. Great to see more plus-sized models being featured in things like this, it's exactly what this industry needs! x


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