Friday, 10 October 2014

Four Future Fantasies

After having chats this week about where I want to be in a year, 3 years and 5 years time it got me thinking about visuals that I could share with you guys and let you into a little bit more about me. So here are my top 4 things that I want to be able to own for myself in the future. 

I've ALWAYS been a massive dog lover and I do have a beautiful dog at home called Lottie, she's an English Setter. However I have always wanted a little dog as I'm not exactly big myself. So of course it has to be a French Bulldog or a pug...eventually both so they can keep each other company. How cute are they though? Life is never compete without a dog, they are the most innocent and genuine animals that you can trust with everything...apart from furniture when they are puppies!

Transport for me is a big thing that I would love to earn for myself. On the cheaper end I'd love to have a cute duck egg blue bike to ride around on, on days where I want to go exploring or just for some exercise. I think bikes are massively underrated but it does help if you have a bit of style while you're doing it. And on the car front, I love the fiat 500, they are just such a beautiful shape and design. However if I can ever afford one it will be the original style fiat 500. Perfect little run around and perfect size for me. I love driving and when I'm not I miss it so to have my own pretty little car would be a dream. (Of course I love my current's just not my dream car)

With a bit of hard work, determination and big dreams, anything is keep dreaming big and push yourself. You never know your full potential!

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