Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Libertine Cocktail Bar & Tea Room

I've been so excited for this feature and today's the day I can share this little wonderland and it's concoctions with you all. Found in the centre of Shrewsbury, The Libertine Cocktail Bar & Tea Room is situated down a cobbled alleyway, already giving it some heritage and a quirky character. 

Famous around Shrewsbury for the "no limits" approach to cocktails this was one place I had to check out properly while in the area, and they definitely delivered. Adding fun and unusual twists on some classics, I dare say they have improved them massively. The first cocktail was called the Casanova Martini, a refreshing and surprising twist on the PornStar Martini. Containing vanilla vodka, passion fruit, lime, cranberry and a burst of pineapple foam, sprinkled with popping candy AND accompanied by a champagne chaser; it made quite an impact. Wonderfully presented of course the Casanova Martini is definitely one for those who want to add an element of surprise to the evening. 

The second treat with the lovely name, Madhatter's Teapot serves 2 containing vodka, lychee, elderflower, pineapple and apple served in a teapot with 2 teacups is a fruit zing of pleasure. For all the fruity taste-buds out there who want to woo that special someone, this is a big recommendation. 

The Libertine is a perfect raw diamond hidden away in the streets of a historic town, full of character,  clashing wallpapers and grand mirrors. It really is like falling down a rabbit hole into a world of topsy turvy; which is the perfect introduction to my third cocktail concoction, Fudged Up and Ready To Blow! This has to be the most impressive cocktail that has ever graced my life with its smokey presence. Homemade fudge rum, banana liqueur, lime, pineapple and milk, yes milk, go into this science experiment gone very right. Dry ice is placed in a glass underneath to create the amazing reaction that is ready to blow. To my delight it does taste as good as it looks, yet again The Libertine have created a flavour sensation.

My last cocktail of my visit was a much needed calmer, sweeter and wonderfully pretty drink by the name of Libertine Love and Tea. Served in a beautiful vintage teacup with raspberry and blackberry garnish this was the perfect way to conclude my visit. Of course this one isn't going to be straight forward when it comes to flavours though. A mix of damson gin, hibiscus, lime and cranberry create another flavour sensation and one that I will be having again and again upon my visit to this other worldly cocktail bar. 

A big thankyou to Louis and Max for making some fantastic drinks for me to feature and Sammy Libertine for creating such a wonderful hidden gem in Shropshire.

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  1. OMG! I'm so close to Shrewsbury and I'm always complaining there's not enough fun things to do near me! This looks amazing! I am definitely adding this to my list of things to do before the year is over! Thank you for sharing


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