Monday, 28 July 2014

Sleeper Train

After a short stay in Bangkok we had to move North to Chiang Mai. After researching ways of travel through Thailand we chose to take a sleeper train north for 14 hours. Not knowing how clean or nice the train would be but the thought of sleeping in a bed on train was pretty exciting. 
On arrival I was surprised with how nice it was, it wasn't anything amazing but there were little rooms of 2 bunk beds in each room. I had the top bunk which was quite private with a curtain that goes across the room cutting it off from the aisle on the train then a curtain which closes off your bed from the room. Even the beds were pretty comfortable so I was happier knowing it wasn't really how I pictured it. (Pictured below was my bed for the night)

As the heat outside is so hot nearly everywhere has air conditioning which is usually heavenly when you step into it from being in the heat. On this occasion it wasn't so pleasant as the air con was like Arctic winds. It was set in the ceiling and because my bed was underneath it, my night was not one I'd want to relive. Apart from being freezing the journey was really enjoyable and an experience I'll never forget.

Arriving in the morning in Chiang Mai was a bit of a rush as I had finally fell asleep in the morning and woke up with 5 minutes to get off the train before it went onto its next stop. We all got off safe without forgetting anything (miracle) then went on to get our first Tuk Tuk to our new hotel, The Small Hotel.


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