Tuesday, 20 April 2021

My Top Baby Gifts (tried and tested)

At a time where baby showers are limited, visiting isn't allowed in big numbers and popping for a coffee is an outdoor job, I thought I'd put together a helpful list of baby items that I think would make your expectant friend or family member feel just that bit more thought of as they go through pregnancy in a pandemic.

1. First up is the gorgeous receiving blanket from G.H.Hurt & Son. Their stunning blankets have been around since 1912 and even been royally approved. Made for Prince Charles when he was born, Prince William and all of his children. If they're good enough for royals they're good enough for our precious babies right? I was sent the Elegant Soft Wool Baby Shawl, its 100% pure wool. I adore ours and it's cosy for winter but wonderful and light for spring and summer too. 

2. Looking for a helpful gift? I've relied on my Elvie products so much in these first few weeks and they've made me feel far more in control of my breastfeeding journey. The Elvie Catch is a set of milk collection shells that collect your let down so your best pads don't get soaked and save your clothes from getting soaked too. Also great for collecting milk to freeze allowing you to create your own milk stash. The Elvie Curve is a silicone pump that suctions onto the breast and comfortably sits in your bra so you can pump while you go about daily activities without being attached to a pump. 

3. Something thoughtful? This beautiful chimming necklace from Blooming Lovely Jewellery is honestly magical. I wore it through my pregnancy and now I play with it for Bloom to listen to. The chimes can be heard inside the womb so it's a beautiful way to bond in pregnancy and when baby is born. 

4. Another helpful gift for mummy's that want to breastfeed...a nursing pillow from Dockatot. Honestly wish I had this from the start, its firm so keeps baby upright and baby doesn't sink into it and really helps your back. I find myself hunched over all the time when I feed and this has worked wonders for my posture and backaches.

5. A keepsake? How about a beautiful hand knitted cardigan with baby's name on the back from TheCuteCardiClub (find them on Instagram and etsy). This is something I already cherish so much and want to buy in every size until she tells me to stop. It's just so special I know I'll keep it forever. 

6. My final choice is another helpful gift for both parents, the carrier! I LOVED baby wearing first time around so this was a must this time too but the Babybjorn mini carrier is even better than I thought it would be. Both myself and Mike have used it for walks and instead of taking the pram and it's now an essential for us! 

I hope you've found this collection helpful in finding that perfect gift. 


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