Friday, 23 April 2021

Happiest Baby Review


As a second time mother I looked for all the hacks that will allow for as much rest as possible while raising a toddler and having a newborn. Thankfully we came across the Snoo Smart Sleeper and I already owe it so much for that extra rest. 

As with all my reviews I like to be totally honest, so I'll start from the beginning. The first couple of weeks after bringing Bloom home we tried the Snoo here and there but nothing consistent while we tried to master exclusively breastfeeding, the cluster feeding and navigating our way into being parents of 2. Once she was 2 and a halfweeks we decided it was time to get her into the snoo to start her happy baby journey! 

Not going to lie the first couple of nights were hard and she woke almost every hour because was then used to being next to me. Then after a few days she started to settle so well in it. At 5 and a half weeks she slept 3 hours straight so only walking me up twice in the night to feed. And now at 10 weeks she does 5/6hours straight. How do I know for sure it’s the SNOO and not just my baby being a rockstar sleeper? I went home to stay with my Dad for 3 nights and every night Bloom slept terribly. Waking every 2 hours, her dummy wouldn’t settle her like it does in the SNOO and I was a zombie! First night back home she slept 6 hours straight and it was the best sleep ever!

The way the Snoo rocks her to sleep while playing comforting white noise is just so clever. It settles her to sleep without me having to stay up to rock her. I pop her in usually awake and she’ll settle on her own thanks to the Snoo. With my first born his was unheard of at her age. Even when she becomes more unsettled when she suddenly wakes, the Snoo adjusts its level of soothing accordingly, be the speeding of moving her or the noise level of the white noise, and gets her right back to sleep allowing me to get more rest. It’s all controlled by an app on my phone which is amazing because it tracks how much sleep she’s had, her unsettled periods and adds up the amount of sleeps she’s had all together so generally working out how much sleep I’ve managed to get too. This has also been so handy with tracking feeds in the early days too so I knew I was feeding her at the right times.

Hand on heart I’ve found this newborn stage so easy because I’m getting such a good amount of rest that I don’t have that zombie feeling 24/7. After trying the SNOO and then a few nights away from it I know it’s this miracle bed that allows myself and Bloom to get the rest we so desperately need. 

This product was gifted in return for content but this is no way sways my review of whether this works or not. The proof is in the sleep. I hope you found it useful :) 


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