Monday, 20 April 2020

DIY Toilet Roll Stripy Binoculars

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet. It's been a little while since I wrote a blog post but I'll hopefully bringing you more fun ideas to get your through this crazy season we find ourselves in. So let's get crafting...

You will need:

2x toilet rolls
White paint
2x small strips of cardboard
Washi tape (or paint if you don't have tap)
A sharp pencil

Step 1

After you paint your toilet rolls your chosen colour, poke a little whole in the side of each with your pencil, then thread your string through and tightly knot the end.

Step 2

Wrap your washi tape around each toilet roll to make a patterned stripe. Or Paint on your pattern/stripes with your chosen colours.

Step 3

Paint your cardboard strips then use your glue (PVA will work) to attach them to each side of your binoculars and along the edge that the rolls are touching for extra strength. Then leave to dry.

Step 4

You're all done! Now time to play with your binoculars! If you put up photos of your creations please use the hashtag #kokoscraftchallenge so we can see then in action!


If you want to add something more you can draw up a little check list of things you might see on your daily walk and check them off once you've spotted them with your binoculars! Today we checked off:


Enjoy and see you soon for another little quick craft!


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