Monday, 27 April 2020

DIY Fire Breathing Dragon

Fire breathing dragons are a hit in our house since my daughter discovered Zog so being a scary dragon is a huge hit here. I'll talk you through how to make your own...

You will need:

1 Toilet roll
Green paint (or whichever colour you want your dragon)
2 Large pom poms
2 Small pom poms
2 Googly eyes
Tissue / Crepe paper

Step 1

Paint your toilet roll your favourite dragon colour. 

Step 2

Cut out long strips of paper and cut the ends into flame shapes. The glue these inside one end of the toilet roll.

Step 3 

Glue your 2 small pom poms onto one end (these are your dragons nostrils) Glue 2 bigger pom poms on the other end, then glue the googly eyes onto these.

And that's it. Then blow down your tube and watch your dragons fire blow! 
(TOP TIP - hold it a few centimetres away from your mouth for bigger movement)

And if you want a fun game out of it, grab your beach net and play catch the dragon! 


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