Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Tripp Trapp Chair - Love or Hate?

We've recently been gifted this beautiful high chair from Stokke and after living with it for a couple of weeks, here is what we think...

We have only been in our first home a year so there are things we haven't got around to sorting yet, but one thing I know I wanted was Kovah's mealtime routine consistent. I wanted a chair that could fit into our lives cohesively and effortlessly. I can, hand on heart, say this Tripp Trapp chair is everything I had in my head and more. We previously has the well known cheaper option for a highchair but it was constantly in the way was a pain to clean and put away.

Since Remy (our puppy) arrived we couldn't have Kovah on the bench anymore as he could reach and she never really liked sitting there. She'd always fight to get down and wouldn't eat very well.

Now Kovah is in her Tripp Trapp chair she loves it. It's her "big girl" chair and all meal times are greeted with excitement that she can get up onto her chair all by herself. She's happy eating higher up with us and her eating has improved massively. I truly believe this has given her a new sense of independence. I hardly ever have to help her with her meals anymore. The lower level shelf allows her to step up and sit on her chair with no assistance...which has been a god send for my back too. (I know I'm not the only mother struggling with lifting their not so little kiddos up and down from the table 3+ times a day)

The assembly of the chair was honestly, super easy. I did it all on my own (proud mama moment there) and it took about 20/30mins. It's also very easy to adjust as Kovah gets older and we need to adjust the level she is sat at.

We also use it throughout the day, for mealtime to activities and crafts. Kovah loves to bring her toys onto the table and play there which I can only encourage. She'll sit and paint here happily for ages, role play with her play foods and craft for hours. It's been amazing to see her enjoy the table so much.

The design for me is flawless and I love how you don't have to compromise on style in your home just because you have a baby. This chair is suitable from birth. with handy and super cute attachments; from a baby bed with mobile, to a fitted seat for younger babies and trays for weaning right up to adult life when you can use it too as a spare chair. That says it all really. A chair for life! A chair that is a part of the family that I have so much to give it credit for.

We chose the whitewash Tripp Trapp chair that you can shop here!

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