Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Mini Summer Bucket List

I read somewhere once that you only get 16 summers with your children being children, and even less in this day and age because they grow up so fast. So I thought I'd put together a little summer bucket list to give you some inspiration to how you can make the most of these special summers.

Learn to Ride a Bike...

A classic, bike rides. Whether your little one is in a seat behind you, learning to ride their first bike or off on their own bike rides are a wonderful way to spend summer. Kovah is learning to ride her first bike kindly gifted to her by Scandiborn. So far the balance bike is proving a huge hit and I'm so impressed with how her balance has improved since it arrived. The sweet little basket on the front allows her to collect her woodland "treasures" along the walk which she loves to do! Learning to ride a bike is such a precious time of childhood and I really hope she always remembers her first beautiful bike. This one will last her until she's 5 so a couple more summers making memories with this Banwood bike.

Explore The Woods...

Woods and forests have endless adventures for your littles. You can take picnics to make a good afternoon of tiring them out. We have a few favourite toys we love to take with us and help encourage imaginative play. As I take my camera nearly everywhere I go, Kovah naturally had to have her own wooden one (gifted) which she loves to use out and about. The magnifying glass (gifted) has been a huge hit. We are loving bugs over here, especially ladybirds so this has been on so many walks with us to find new bugs. Our wooden binoculars are also a huge hit, perfect for bird spotting and Gruffalo hunting. You can even act out some of your favourite books while you're out and about. The Gruffalo is always a winner but try "We're Going On a Bear Hunt" too, perfect for woodland adventures.

Hit The Beach...

Beach trips are our absolute favourite for summer. We are a family that could spend everyday at the sea and never get bored. But if you struggle for ideas, here's a few. Grab a bucket and a net and hit the rockpools. Kovah loves learning about wriggly things and animals. Collect rocks and shells and take them home, trust me you'll thank me later. These come in super handy for rainy day activites. We're also found Kovahs confidence flourishes when she's at the beach, she get so confident being around the water and makes a bee line for every time now. Oh and of course, eat ALL the ice cream!

Treasure Hunting...

Treasure hunts can be just what you make it. Hide little snacks as you go...because snacks are the BEST if your littles are anything like Kovah. Also a great opportunity for some natural learning. Flowers (make sure you know which are safe for children to pick), sticks, pinecones, snail shells, rocks, leaves etc. All things that they'll find great fun collecting and great to keep for rainy days too.

For those Rainy Days...

Remember me telling you to keep those shells and rocks from the beach? Well here we are on a rainy summer afternoon making playdoh cakes. We love this activity and often will ask to make these even if it's not raining. All you do is get a baking tray, playdoh and your treasures. I let Kovah cut up the playdoh and put a bit in each cake section. Then we decorate the cakes with shells, rocks, crystals and outdoor treasures. Simple but loads of fun and teaches so many skills.

Our recent favourite indoor activity is making an outdoor weaving. Great for fine motor skills and natural learning. We went for a woodland walk in the morning and collected some treasures as we went. Then came back and cut up a cardboard box that was going to be put in the recycling. cut little lines along 2 sides and then wrap string through then to create lines alone the cardboard. Pick one treasure at a time and let your little push them under and over the strings to create a woodland picture. This kept Kovah quiet for ages so we'll definitely be making more. Once all the pieces are dried out just pull them out and keep the cardboard for the next time. 

Did I mention Ice Cream...

Take a long walk to an ice cream shop, grab one at the beach, on a day trip, visiting National Trust parks, your local lakes...basically whereever and whenever you can, make ice cream fit into your day.

And most of all...enjoy these short summers with your little loves.


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