Sunday, 21 October 2018

Embroidered Fields

The perfect autumn this even a thing? I think of big knitted sweaters, nice tight jeans and maybe a bobble hat when autumn rolls around but the perfect autumnal dress DOES exist...

I'm very much one for comfort and I always have been. I love baggy jumpers and being snuggled up where ever I go when the leaves begin to change. I'd never really considered wearing a dress this time of year...BUT we are being blessed with a really warm autumn which means dresses can pull into this season. 

I always worry I'll get too cold so never opt for a dress (I'm a wimp when I'm cold) but I can't get enough of this cotton embroidered dress. The colour palette on the embroidery screams autumn and the buttons that run down the front is such a gorgeous detail.

I have yet to see if I can pair this with ankle boots but I just want to wear it all the time. It's floaty so super comfortable and with a nice split in the front it lets you embrace that change from summer to autumn. It also lands at my ankle which for someone who is 5"4 is just amazing to find a dress that doesn't drag along behind you and make you feel like a frumpy slug. (On most people this is probably falling just below your knee)

Paired with my Rattan bag I love how this combo works and it's given me confidence in wear dresses in be honest I will try find a way to pull this off at Christmas too because I adore it. Possibly my favourite purchase this year.

I can't seem to find this dress online but it's from Topshop and I've linked a similar style underneath the last photo. 

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