Saturday, 28 April 2018

Hello Bugaboo Fox

I thought it was about time I introduced you to the brand new Bugaboo pram; the Fox. I am so excited to be letting you all know about what I think of the new addition to the Bugaboo Collection, it's a sweet ride for sure.

We've been playing with the Bugaboo Fox for about 3 weeks now and it's been in the shops, out for coffee, in the woods and on a trip to my has not disappointed. It's large wheels have allowed for smooth rides no matter what the terrain and finally having a pram that will fit in my boot...LUXURY. 

I love my Mini, it was my dream car and having a bigger pram that wouldn't fold small was literally a nightmare. The size that the Fox folds to is amazing and it can fold so thin, and even thinner by removing the wheels if needed. This is a huge selling point for me, when you have a baby but can't afford or want to upgrade your car to a mini van, just slide that Fox right in there and your wishes will be answered.

Another thing I never knew I wanted until I used the Fox was the height. Kovah sits so high up in this pram it's been amazing for my back. As most of you will know with children, it's a constant up and down, I've never even had problems with my back but now, boy does it ache. So lifting her into the seat that doesn't involve you bending at a weird angle or right down with her, it's definitely something you need to take into account before buying your pram. This has also proved SUPER handy when out for meals. Kovah can sit fully upright as if in a chair which pushes up against the table so no need for panicking over where to put the high chair and pram when eating out.

Another amazing thing about the Fox is fact that the fabrics are made from recycled bottles! The melange fabrics which is the one I have on the hood and seat are made from 50% recycled PET bottles. The core fabrics (the non-melange fabrics that are available) are collected from global locations as part of plastic waste clear ups. Bugaboo are working on getting the melange fabrics to a higher level of recycled materials but due to its complex process when making this fabric it's harder to achieve 100% recycled fabric. But buying a pram that is conscious of it's global foot print is definitely worth consideration.

The chassis is made from extremely durable marine/aviation grade aluminium, making it pretty light and last a long time. The wheels are also designed to be recyclable. The internal foam structure is designed to be removed and the rest can be re-purposed. So this is a pretty clever pram. Great huh? 

As well as helping the planet, my back and everyday life with ease of a smaller pram so far the Fox gets 5* from Kovah and I. We will be running more tests on the Fox over the next few weeks and letting you know how we get on with it in different lifestyle situations and how it holds up with our busy everyday life.

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