Wednesday, 14 September 2016

And we are having a...

Thankyou to everyone for their sweet messages and lovely emails following my last post about the little blessing. It means the world that so many of you are supporting me and appreciated my honestly from the post.

Here's a very exciting little follow up post about what we are having. After a wonderful private scan we found out we are having a...LITTLE GIRL! I can now safely say I'm currently making a mermaid and I am over the moon.

It was strange before we found out I felt a little detached from the pregnancy. Having been so ill and off work for so long it's been really hard for me to stay positive because I've been so run down. Some people fly through pregnancy with hardly any symptoms apart from having sore boobs or the odd headache. I've had seriously bad morning sickness, migraines to the point I'm sick, heartburn that feels like I've swallowed a bonfire, pains that have sent me to the doctors and a terrifying bleed that ended up in a hospital visit. So far it has been a bit of a nightmare, and a lot of these symptoms aren't leaving me anytime soon. But when we found out this little bump is a little lady I can't help but picture her face, picture her smiling away in my tummy when I rub it and she kicks back. It's helped me get more into focusing on the pregnancy and the safety of my baby.

Since our first scan (third photo) I found it funny in my head that if it was a little girl she was already acting like a little model, waving at the camera and always being right where she needed to be for the measurements and when the photos were being taken. But I was still convinced it would be a boy.

Then after thinking more I was even more sure it was going to be a boy after loads of people saw the scan photos and guessed boy. It was only when the gender scan was a few days away people started guessing girl and my gut was flickering with girl vibes but I tried to ignore them thinking it was just me doubting myself. Then at the scan, she was once again right there where she needed to be, gave up her signature wave again and was posing with her arms up, under chin, her legs stretched all way showing us all these things she could already do. But when it came to the sonographer finding out what sex she was she wasn't going to give us an easy reveal. Instead she sat with her legs crosses, then put the umbilical cord in front of her and hide behind it, then opened her legs but actually reached over and put her hand over her bits so we couldn't see! (Hilarious to say the least) Then as if she was telling us herself, she moved her hand out the way and gave us the perfect potty shots! 3 little white lines. "Tada I'm a girl!" Such a little monkey! But it made the experience so much more enjoyable knowing how funny it all was.

Nearly at 20 weeks now so less than 2 weeks until our anomaly scan, which I'm pretty terrified about as I just hope out little mermaid is 100% healthy and happy in there. But I can't wait to see her again and see how she's developed since last time!


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