Wednesday, 18 May 2016

FatFace - Washed In Happiness

The weather has been amazing lately and sunshine always makes everyone so much happier. As does receiving a wonderful hamper of happiness from one of my favourite brands to celebrate their brand spanking new summer collection...thank you FatFace.

For those who love the happy, healthy lifestyle FatFace's new collection is perfect for you. As the days get longer, warmer and full of adventure this new collection is perfect for those days full of happiness. With light coral and midnight blue prints the Sand Dunes Collection is created to make you embrace every minute of your summer days.

There are absolute beauties in this collection which I will be dragging out all summer. The Anasofie Sand Dunes blouse is a big favourite for me, paired with their Ripped Denim Shorts it's the ultimate chilled out vibe for beach days or afternoons exploring the country. Anyone who knows me will notice I love a good tassel on my clothes and this blouse has the sweetest detailing in their drop tassels that tie at the neck to give you a boho feel to your outfit.

Summer wouldn't be complete without a favourite white cami top to pair with any bottoms you can think so. Fresh and crisp for the sunshine allowing you to keep cool, look fabulous and flutter in the breeze the Saunton Cami, with its crochet detail is a delight for summer outfits.

Summer evenings BBQing in the garden or on the beach often get a bit chilly but FatFace's new jumper solves this problem. The light but snug Harym Stitch Jumper keep the breeze off and keep you toasty warm so you can enjoy your summer eve until everyone calls it leaving early because you're too cold. This is a big love of mine as I love a cute jumper in summer but find with dark colours it can be a little sad when you have to put it on as you feel a bit defeated, but this creamy colour is beautiful in the sunshine.

If you love the Sand Dunes print as much as I do your new summer dress beauty will be Felicity Coral Sand Dunes dress. It's a fabulous length which, if I'm honest, didn't think I'd be able to pull off. Being 5"4 can be a bit of problem when searching for summer dresses. As this one if just above knee length I thought it would make me look shorter but it flows effortlessly in the wind and moves with you body to create a magical flirty dress for summer days. It's a huge hit with me and keep your eyes open for this beaut when I head off to Rhodes.

Jackets can also be a bit depressing in don't want to wear a jacket, it's sunny! But the new Denim Jacket is the best exception. Denim blue screams sunshine to me and over the top of the Sand Dunes dress it makes for a bright, happy outfit that anyone would be proud to strut around in all day on those cooler summer days. I have found in the past a lot of denim jackets can be uncomfortable when first bought. They can be too stiff and you find yourself pulling at the sleeves or trying to stretch them out so they feel more worn to your shape. I am happy to announce this Pennymoor Denim Jacket is already worn in, soft and loose so you can put it on straight away and feel like you've had it years. It's super soft and I've overcome my fear of new denim. 

Think of this post as your perfect guide to your summer wardrobe because now I have these that's my new arrivals for summer sorted. Dresses to dress up or wear everyday, tops to chill in the sun in, shorts to get your legs gorgeously tanned, warmers to keep the wind off...all from the New Sand Dunes Collection launching today in FatFace! 

Enjoy being Washed In Happiness!


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