Saturday, 26 March 2016

Gold Label

Spring is such a beautiful season, where flowers start to blossom against the winter branches, the grass gets greener and the days open up for longer. But the only downside is, it's still pretty chilly.

This however is my answer to all the windy spring days ahead. The Gold Label Cape from HollandCooper is not only beautiful and effortlessly eye catching but it's super snuggly too. It's such a stunning statement piece but also perfect for walks, city breaks or just going out with friends for the day. Every occasion, this piece is purely perfect. 

The wonderful British brand HollandCooper prides itself on being high end British beauty. They use the most incredible Scottish tweeds in their pieces along with high end leathers and suedes to create some truly inspiring and beautiful items that you will love from the day they arrive.

This specific beauty (Gold Label Fur Cape in Brown Herringbone) is from HollandCooper's petite section, which for me is perfect as I am 5'4 capes can often swamp me, but with the perfect tailoring and length it only compliments my height. Naturally this creates a boost in confidence making me feel amazing when I wear it. It has a super snug fur hood too which keeps the spring breeze at bay and keeps you looking amazing even when it's chilly. I just love how this colour goes so well with my hair and making it pop out of the outfit. Not only does it look amazing but it is unbelievably comfy to wear. Can you tell I'm a little obsessed?

This sensational piece of clothing is totally up their with my favourites, being completely diverse enough to wear in the country or out in the city. 

(Boots: Topshop)

Find the link to this cape and others here!


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  1. I love this outfit and your hair looks amazing. Happy Easter, I hope you have a lovely Spring.

    Emma Xx


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