Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Oh Baby It's Cold Outside...

Snow has finally fallen and it finally feels like winter has come at last. Christmas was a little too warm for my liking, no need for hot chocolates or thick knits and hats, but now I can fully embrace the cold. And what better timing for my absolutely stunning Regina heeled boots from Fairfax&Favor to arrive! 

Fairfax&Favor are one of my favourite brands that I have been following for a few years now and it's such an honour to work with them...I'm pretty sure from the photos you can see why, their boots are to die for! They are a beautifully British brand with a strong country feel but these boots are going to be worn around everywhere and with the heeled option they are perfect for city outfits. Seriously comfortable and the sizing is incredible, and with the slightly elastic seams down the back of the boot, it makes for the perfect fit on the foot and all the way up the calf. They feel like they were made for me. 

The perfect winter boot for keeping warm so you can wear cosy knitted long socks underneath and not let that chill into your feet. I had to get out into the snow to show the beautiful colour off and well...it's snow, so the perfect reason to get outside and have some fun! I know a lot of you love this kind of style and if you still haven't found that wow factor fashion piece to spend your christmas money on I can't recommend these more! I'll be styling these in a few different ways over the next few weeks so you can see how versatile they are for street fashion or casual everyday. 

In the mean time, shop Fairfax&Favour for more boots, shoes and bags! 


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  1. Love all your layers, essential to keep warm this winter.




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