Sunday, 31 January 2016

Winter Wondering

Exploring and finding new places to adventure is something I've always loved doing and as the crisp winter air finally hit, it was time to venture out in the cold and feel properly alive. We stumbled across these old remains of a house and decided to shoot you a blog post on one of my favourite winter outfits. 

White is always a beautiful colour to wear in winter. I for one am totally guilty for wanting to do all-black-everything everyday of the week but I need to branch out into bright colours when the rains and the cold sets in. This is one of my all time classics, my cable knit jumper from Jack Wills, it's super warm and great for layering when it's freezing. I wore a little shirt underneath so I had a pastel colour poking out by my neck so my pale skin doesn't totally disappear into my sweater. (Funny but serious)

It was of course another perfect opportunity to show off my Fairfax & Favour boots that I can't get enough of, The quality of them is just amazing and totally worth every penny. The option to personalise them and fit the colour to your outfit with the interchangeable tassels on the zips is such a beautiful quality these boots have. (you've already seen the colour pop of the blue in my snowy blog post but I just adore them)  I really can't wait for spring so I can show these babies off in spring wear. The tan colour brings the outfit to life and stops it from being completely dull.

My jeans are my safety net, everyone has that one pair of jeans you wear till they die...and even then you still wear them because you can't bring yourself to throw them away. Thankfully these jeans are not done yet but they are my favourite. As i'm petite it is a total nightmare trying to find jeans that fit all your measurements but honestly these JONI jeans from Topshop fit like a glove.

I'm dying for the warmer weather so we can do more fun blog posts with brighter colours and sunshine but I have some totally different experiments coming this year and over june there will be some really new things I haven't done on the blog before, I'm so exciteddd...roll on summer!!! 


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

What's Getting Me Through January

January is always a month we struggle to come to terms with a new year, put pressure on ourselves to change and make this "our year". So far I have restarted yoga with hope it will bring me a calmer year and allow myself to worry less. But in terms of anything else, all I have wanted to do is chill out and relax. So I've put together a blog post of things that have been helping me great through the January blues and things I'm just loving this month.

*I now have all the Marc Jacobs fragrances thanks to a wonderful christmas gift of Daisy by Marc Jacobs and it smells divine! A new scent for a new year.

*I have finally captured Velvet Teddy which I have been after for over a year and it is amazing, although i do cheat and put a light lip balm on my lips first with this as it's a matte and this stops my lips crisping up and flaking like all matte lipsticks do to us! 

*I have always loved silver much more over gold and my new boho beachy silver pieces are amazing and I don't see me taking them off at all in the future. My lovely man bought me this solid silver bangle and engraved it saying "Your heart is my compass, Your soul is my odessey" and signed it with his initials. I do love jewellery but it always stays deeper in your heart when it's been hand made especially for you. This is helping to remind me that I'm going to Rhodes with him for my birthday in June...roll on the sunshine!

*Much needed early nights through January haven't been happening as much as I would like but I have found a lovely light night cream that is really helping with my skin. It's by Simple, and it feels totally weightless on my face. In the past if I used moisturisers my face has huge break outs but with this it's actually improved my skin a lot, definitely something I recommend and totally affordable.

*My wonderful wooden watch a featured not long ago but my Michael Kors has run out of battery (nightmare) so this has been my best friend recently and the more I wear it the more I totally love it. Totally unique and still keeps my rose gold obsession under control.

*Tassels are definitely a growing love of mine and as you saw from my last post, my new super hot boots from Fairfax & Favour are the reason I'm loving movement on my shoes. Little things that make you smile will help you through January.

*For the days we can't be bothered to wash our hair because we are messed up from the long holiday or just when your hair wont stay up because it's too soft, Batiste is an absolute life saver and the one I use actually makes my hair smell pretty damn good too. 

*Finally one for the deeper thinkers and souls out there. I really love reading about being present and mindful and this book is great for it. It reminds you that you are present, you aren't living in the past, nor the future. Leave your past behind you and focus on your life right this second. It really helps with meditation and my yoga too so this is my January read. 

I'll hopefully be doing more outfit posts soon...if this weather gets a grip and stops ruining my weekends. Wishing you all a relaxing and calm January. 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Oh Baby It's Cold Outside...

Snow has finally fallen and it finally feels like winter has come at last. Christmas was a little too warm for my liking, no need for hot chocolates or thick knits and hats, but now I can fully embrace the cold. And what better timing for my absolutely stunning Regina heeled boots from Fairfax&Favor to arrive! 

Fairfax&Favor are one of my favourite brands that I have been following for a few years now and it's such an honour to work with them...I'm pretty sure from the photos you can see why, their boots are to die for! They are a beautifully British brand with a strong country feel but these boots are going to be worn around everywhere and with the heeled option they are perfect for city outfits. Seriously comfortable and the sizing is incredible, and with the slightly elastic seams down the back of the boot, it makes for the perfect fit on the foot and all the way up the calf. They feel like they were made for me. 

The perfect winter boot for keeping warm so you can wear cosy knitted long socks underneath and not let that chill into your feet. I had to get out into the snow to show the beautiful colour off and's snow, so the perfect reason to get outside and have some fun! I know a lot of you love this kind of style and if you still haven't found that wow factor fashion piece to spend your christmas money on I can't recommend these more! I'll be styling these in a few different ways over the next few weeks so you can see how versatile they are for street fashion or casual everyday. 

In the mean time, shop Fairfax&Favour for more boots, shoes and bags! 

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