Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Berries & Knits

Autumnal outfits are all I'm thinking about right now, the air is getting crisper but the sun is still warm enough to make you smile as it warms your back. So naturally I have to share more snuggly outfits with you to help you all embrace Autumn and get your knits on. 

I am pretty obsessed with my green tartan skirt from Missguided that I can't seem to stop wearing at the minute, I'm sure you've seen it on instagram a few times. It's a perfect piece to wear with a jumper, a shirt or just a t-shirt tucked in if it's a bit warmer. Ankle boots, knee highs or over the need boots are all totally hot with it too. BIG favourite right now!

And yeah as we know it's getting to the stage when we leave the house it's all dewy and you can see your breath (not the best wake up call) but hey we have to dress for the occasion. Queue heavy knits! Big knits are something I happily welcome into my life, I'm a snuggler not a tolerator, I like being wrapped up. Double knits are even better, over sized jumpers and massive scarves (from fatface and H&M) are ALWAYS a good idea when it's cold and it's like wearing a big hug at all times, so why not? 

Had a super nice day shoot these autumn looks with Griffin Photography, other models Katie and Laura not to mention little Betty the puppy...she melts my heart.

As of October I will be trying to break into something new to keep my motivation and goals on point so keep an eye out for new things!  

Friday, 18 September 2015

Autumn Pinafore

Autumn is by far one of my favourite seasons. The explosion of energy from nature to create the perfect colour palettes and naturally flawless surroundings. I love being around the deep oranges, reds and browns. Such a bright season even though it's getting colder. But thats the other reason I love it, the air gets crisp, fresh, chiller but on some days the weather is warm enough not to fully wrap up like in winter. Autumnal sunshine is truly beautiful and warms you to the bones. 

For days just like this I wear this outfit, specifically when I go to London as I love that smart casual look but also wear the hell out of my over the knee boots in autumn. This cute pinafore is a diamond for autumnal dressing and it's totally versatile. I wear it with my cropped white roll neck from Missguided but also pair it with a white shirt on chillier days. 

Monochrome is always a good idea in my eyes so with my black Topshop hat, Missguided white pullover, Topshop black pini and GarageShoes over the knee black boots, yeah you could say this is definitely one of my favourite outfits. Roll on autumn and all the snug outfits that come with it. More autumn outfit posts coming soon! 

PH: Griffin Photography 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


A bit more of a personal blog post today rather than a fashion one but this is quite a big deal for me. I have finally, after 4 years, graduated. For those that don't know I spent 1 year up in Leeds doing Graphic Design but REALLY didn't feel like that was where I needed to be so transferred to Falmouth University to carry on my Graphic Design degree. To be honest I have learnt a lot but I didn't overly enjoy my time at uni. I found it pretty hard to stay focused on something I wasn't enjoying. Working day in, day out on something your heart isn't in is a lot tougher than it sounds and after a few times of wanting to drop out all together, I'm pretty proud of myself for finishing. Most people are proud of their grades, but for me it's the journey. It's where this has all brought me too. I completed something that was one of the biggest challenges I've faced and I didn't give up. Life throws us a curve ball every so often, not to trip us up, but to show you that you can do it. That you can do the impossible.

Sharing this day with my favourite people and meeting the gorgeous Dawn French was definitely a day to remember and to those still studying and not enjoying their course or wishing it was all over, enjoy it. Even enjoy the rubbish days because it goes so fast and before you know it, it's over. Now onto the next big challenge life has in store for me, and I'm so ready! 


Friday, 4 September 2015

Country Afternoon

I recently modelled the new A/W Hat Collection by my beautiful friend and SUPER talented hat designer and milliner Holly Young. Once I got the images back I had to share them because they are some of my favourites and I love a good country style shoot. Growing up back home, farms, countryside and the country fashion were (and still are) big loves of mine so this shoot was so exciting to embrace it all. A perfect little team with myself, Jade Berry as our lovely photographer and of course Holly was there with giant boxes filled with her hat creations. 

I love love love a good hat and this was just too much for me to cope with. Autumn is coming on fast and it's one of my favourite seasons, time to embrace the hats! I literally would wear them all if I could and knowing how much I love to wrap up in autumn they would all make the perfect addition to every outfit...obviously I wouldn't wear them all at one time. That'd be weird.

As well as the beautiful hats Holly also makes the little feather brooches I'm wearing on my jackets and on the hats themselves! HOW CUTE ARE THEY! I'm obsessed with how perfect they are and can add the perfect touch to autumnal outfits. Embracing my inner country girl was so much fun and now I am ready to rock these looks in London next month and here in lovely Cornwall when the leaves start to fall! 

Seriously though guys, get yourselves one of these hats...slay it this Autumn!

Photography: Jade Berry
Hats and Brooches: Holly Young 
Jackets: Jack Wills 

Dog played by Crouton herself!  
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