Friday, 24 July 2015

How To - Festival MakeUp ft. House of Fraser PT 1

House of Fraser* have set me a challenge to create my own personal Festival Make Up look with Mac Cosmetics and Urban Decay. 

Here is How To get my Festival Make Up look! 
I'm working with Urban Decay Naked Palette 3, Perversion Mascara from:

And MAC Dervish Lip Liner and FAUX lipstick from:

As with all my make up looks I start with my foundation and powder which prepped ready to begin on my eyes. By the way, this is just how I do my make up, NON of this is probably the proper way at all but's just how it works for me...don't quote me on anything but I hope you find something helpful!

After mixing colours together, for this look I've opted for a heavier natural eye using the colours, Factory, Dust and Strange. A gorgeous mix of browns and pinks with the perfect cream for highlights.

Starting off with the heavier colour which creates a brown smokey eye, I applied Factory to the corners of my eyes with a cotton pad to make sure I keep a clean line and catch all the powder from dropping onto my foundation. I carry on applying this into the crease of my eyelid to create the base for blending it all together afterwards.

Then to the middle of my eyelid I applied "Dust", my second shade which I'll be blending with "Factory" to create my look.

 I then carry this second colour on under my bottom lashes to blend the colourings together.

Carry on blending the two together until there is no obvious line in the crease of your eyelid. Then apply "Strange" to the inside corners of your eye and slightly up the eyelid blending it into "Dust". I also apply "Strange" above "Factory", under my eyebrows to add highlights to the look and soften the colours up. 

I have applied a thin line of eyeliner just to make my eyes stand out as I can't not have eyeliner on, for me it's a must but if you wanted more natural, eyeshadow and mascara are pretty hot together. I then started applying my Perversion Mascara, which I was actually surprised to find made my lashes look super long and didn't stick them all together like so many we have all tried. #SpiderLashes

Eyes for lips!

Using the same weird little technique I blogged the other week but using Dervish LipLiner, I draw a cross from the bow in my top lip across the middle of my lip. Then a lie up from the corner of my mouth up to the top points of the cross. Same on both sides.

Then the bottom lip is nothing special, just a line drawn on the very edge of my bottom lip joining in the corners to the line from the top lip. 

Fill in the middle with FAUX lipstick and lips are done! This is more of a natural pinky lip colour than my usual nudes but at festivals I like to have a little bit of colour on my lips thats a bit pinky to stop all the dancing making me look super pasty and ill. (Sounds harsh but it's true, I believe a nice lip colour can save any face)

This is my Festival face! Now to put it into action!

Tomorrow I will post on how I styled this make up look with some amazing must haves for your summer festivals, don't miss it PART 2!

Thankyou to Jade Berry for being my bedroom photographer and catching all my hilarious "makeup" faces!

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