Thursday, 11 June 2015

Jack Wills Seasonnaires Day

As I'm sure you all know, from the amount I spammed on snapchat, twitter and instagram, that I spent my tuesday in London with Jack Wills on a Seasonnaires Day. 

I have followed this inspirational brand since I was a young teen and it's always been my favourite purely because of how they tell their story and their strong brand values, so to be invited for a day of Jack Wills themed fun, you can imagine how excited and super happy I was to be there.

We started our morning off at the HQ with some breakfast and activities to help us get to know eachother better. It was crazy how fast we all became friends and clicked, maybe we were just lucky to have such a great group of people all very like minded and enthusiastic. After a run down of what seasonnaires will do over summer and a bit about their brand and how it's run we were then split into two teams...I'm sure from the hashtag you guys know I was Team Navy! (GO TEAM)

We were set a challenge to go into Battersea Park and create a Jack Wills Picnic and get the public involved in our teams event. Can I just say this was SUCH a fun challenge and I had no idea this was what we were going to be doing but it was insane and so much fun! We went with the idea of a Fabulous Tea Party in the park. I'm glad I said to put the Pimm's in teapots as the public loved the little touches and laid out all together with sandwiches and the cakes and scones (my arty side was unleashed) it was so much setting it all up! The team were literally so funny and we all bonded so fast it was like we had always been friends. It was a little sad when we had to pack our camp up and head onwards but the experience isn't one I'll be forgetting fast.

After a day full of laughs, random conversations, playing charades by the river getting weird looks off the public and driving through the city in the Land Rovers, we headed to a pub to have a chat and say goodbye. It was a little emotional. Fingers crossed I'll be spending the summer with an incredible brand and getting you guys involved in some awesome events we'll be holding. 

Goodluck to all the other Seasonnaires, you were fabulous and HUGE thankyou to Jack Wills for the amazing day and the amazing goodie bag! 

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