Monday, 11 May 2015

Time To Pamper Your Head

This is a super exciting little blog post today on a total game changer by Roots and Rituals; A heated head towel. I have quite long hair so drying it is a work out in itself, which is where this beauty came to the rescue. It's so simple to use, just plug the battery pack into the mains to charge it up, once it's charged attach it to the towel and leave for a few minutes to the towel can heat up. Then wrap your hair up in and relax with a nice warm head. Such a lovely way to relax in the evening, hair up in this, face mask on and just completely chill. (Not to mention it is SUPER soft and fluffy)

Roots and Rituals deep conditioning oil is also something I NEED to mention as it leaves my hair feeling amazing and super shiny and works in perfect harmony with the Hydrating Conditioner. Once I get a bit cut off and all my ends snipped this is something I will be religiously using. Great for those of you who love pampering your hair and giving it a bit of a boost summer. All products using beautiful ingredients including, Avocado, Almonds, Coconut, Argan Oil and more!

All super easy to use, lovely to take some out and spoilt your head a bit and definitely something that is loads of fun and I recommend to others. It is something that does take some time so I use it in the evening when I don't have to rush to get to uni or work. This way it makes it a lot more enjoyable and relaxing! 

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